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Middle School Teacher

"...incredibly helpful in our learning process. She has a dynamic, engaging personality and was able to answer our questions without making us feel inadequate due to our lack of experience with Google and G Suite features."



Coaching Session

"You're making me excited about teaching again!"
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High School Teacher

"...great presenter. This was our fourth day of Professional Development and our brains are done and our bottoms are sore. With that said, Wheatley was able to keep us moving forward and learning in a great workshop. I loved the hands on aspect."

Kristin Fontichiaro

Clinical Associate Professor

University of Michigan School of Information

"I moderated a session at the 4T Virtual Conference at which Wheatley was a lightning talk presenter. She was well-prepared, thoughtful about how to best employ the webinar tool, and careful with her selection of the technology features she shared with participants. She was poised and friendly and dealt with a technology glitch with ease. I look forward to working with her again soon." 

Media Specialist

"...very thorough and informed on what she was teaching us, giving us wonderful examples of how and where we can use these tools."
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Cynthia Burnstein

Founder and Principal

New School High

"Wheatley is an accomplished, experienced, and innovative teacher with a boundless passion for learning. She is curious, optimistic, and embraces both challenge and change."

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