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How might we serve you?



Teachers, staff, anyone who could benefit from 1-on-1 or cohort support professionally 



Coaching provides individualized support around professional goals and a safe space to think about professional practices, talk through challenges, and an opportunity to try something new with a helping hand.



Learning resources such as: training materials, courses, websites, one-pagers, facilitator guides, etc. Created from scratch or incorporating existing materials from your team.



Resources that are user-friendly and thoughtfully designed take time and attention to detail. Save time and direct energy elsewhere while we create excellence for easy facilitation or immediate use.



Teachers, staff, anyone who uses technology to support learners



Continual learning is needed in any profession. Often mandated, it can be less than enjoyable or exhausting to constantly create and facilitate. We deliver relevant and enjoyable learning sessions that help empower your staff and support them in serving your learning community.

Case Studies
We made a cultural star Beer MS_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg



Collaborated with district leader to create a district-branded cohort experience. Coached of teachers and staff around professional goals for improving student learning and data-informed decisions while leveraging existing technologies.


Tech Integration and Model Innovator Coaching for district teachers and staff to help increase use of Canvas Learning Managment System (LMS) and heighten student engagement. Staff with outstanding Canvas skills were supported and coached as they became innovation "role models" for colleagues. 


Co-created and facilitated coaching cohort to support digital learning team. Goals were set, achieved, and celebrated related to multiple district initiatives.

North Carolina

Created "Teacher Toolbox", a self-led course for teachers needing additional learning in areas such as classroom management and building relationships with students. Teachers complete assigned module(s), then meet with supervisor to discuss learning and next steps.


Created hyperdocs for self-led professional growth around blended learning for teachers. Generated elementary and secondary level versions and optional facilitator guides for district to run the learning as live sessions if desired.


Co-designed and built extensive 40-hour course for teachers to meet state literacy requirement in Canvas Learning Management System.


Created and facilitated back-to-school blended learning sessions for all K-12 staff. Well-received and given high feedback scores for delivery, usefulness, and quality of resources.


Virtually attended all Professional Learning Community (PLC) sessions for a semester as a Digital Citizenship expert. Shared actionable tidbits linked to Google tools during each 10-minute visit.


Collaborated with Chief Academic Officer to create and facilitate teacher training institutes for new "Innovation" district-wide course for K-5 students, grounded in Design Thinking

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