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Kat Petty, Ed. S.

Digital & Blended Learning Instructional Coach and Consultant

About Kat

Kat’s pathway to becoming an educator started with difficulty. Learning was a challenge; a processing disorder hindered her development of reading and written expression skills. Throughout K-12, the traditional instructional methods just didn’t support making the learning sticky.


She began her love for teaching 20 years ago as a (K-12) special education educator. Kat was passionate about developing instructional strategies that fostered student growth, empowered learner agency, and curated equitable opportunities for ALL students. She became a pioneer in her school district as a model for an effective co-taught classroom.  


As the digital age unveiled itself in the classroom, Kat embraced the opportunity to collaborate with Intel, Apple, Dell, and Google.  Integrating technology was a natural extension of her instruction. At the same time, she transitioned from being the special education teacher to the general education teacher, where her interest in technology supported students’ success in both reading and language arts courses. 


For the past 10 years, Kat has continuously reflected on that imperative equity piece of instruction and refined her craft using the principles of Universal Design for Learning, pedagogy of Blended and Personalized Learning, and the ideology of empowering all learners through innovative instructional ideas.  Today, Kat continues to practice her love for teaching as a high school English teacher and sponsor of the English National Honors Society. She is a school-based Digital and Blended Learning Instructional Coach and is a recognized district instructional coach supporting her colleagues on their own professional development pathways. 

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